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 Nishe Photography

Magdalena Lutek on Flickr

Nishe (aka Magdalena Lutek) is an up-and-coming Polish photographer who beautifully captures feminine, melancholic worlds only to the tune of film and instant film.

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

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Disney/Avatar Mashup 2

Belle and the Mystical Library

Prince Eric and Ariel of the Water Tribe

Firebender Esmeralda 

Waterbender Elsa 

Merida Of The Freedom Fighters 

Jessica Rabbit as Asami Sato 

Fire Ferrets(Kida as Korra. Li Shang as Mako. Flynn Rider as Bolin.) 

Ursula, Blood Bending Sea Witch

Jafar, Head Of The Dai Li

Fire Lord Maleficent

Source http://racookie3.deviantart.com/gallery/2945035/Disney

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Happy Batman Day!

Ordinary Batman Adventures by Sarah Johnson
website | tumblr | store]

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why can’t hurricane names be culturally diverse

hurricane muhammad

hurricane shaniqua 

hurricane nguyen 

because white people destroy everything.


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